Appointment Requests

Members of the California Democratic Party Asian Pacific Islander may request to be appointed to various Caucus committees to help in furthering the goals and activities of the CDP API Caucus.

Only those members who are up-to-date with their current membership dues are eligible for committee appointments. Click here to join the California Democratic Party Asian Pacific Islander Caucus or to renew your annual Caucus membership dues.

Please see the committee descriptions below and sign up for the committees you are interested in serving on. We will notify you of your committee assignment.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

California Democratic Party Asian Pacific Islander Caucus

Committee Descriptions


Updated 6/2011

Candidate Development Assist in identifying, recruiting, and/or training potential candidates for federal, state, or local offices to build the Democratic Party and the Asian Pacific Islander community; assist in conducting trainings on Democratic Party endorsement process, including local party processes

Diversity & Outreach Work with community organizations to create community service opportunities for Caucus members; serve as liaison to Democratic Party organizations and allied organizations

Election Protection – Serve as an oversight and advisory body on election integrity, voter rights, and voter protection issues in the Asian Pacific Islander community

Events Responsible for developing and implementing Caucus outreach activities and special events

Legislative Action – Work with legislators and legislative offices to conduct research, analyses, and deliberations on legislation to create a list of recommended priority legislation for Caucus consideration; advocate on behalf of Caucus-supported legislation and CDP-endorsed legislation

Rules Serve as the authority on the bylaws and rules governing the Caucus; consider and present recommendations on bylaws amendments for consideration

Resolutions Conduct research, analyses, hearings, and deliberations on resolutions submitted to the Caucus; present recommendations on resolutions for Caucus consideration

Development, Education & Membership Develop special programs on topical Asian Pacific Islander issues or other issues for Caucus meetings and events, such as speakers or issue presentations; work with other committees to expand membership

Speakers Bureau – Create and maintain a speakers list for topical and community outreach by linguistic, geographic, demographic, and issue diversities

Voter Registration Creates and implements voter registration strategic plan; conduct voter registration at special events, including naturalization ceremonies

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