2015-2017 Term-in-Review: Action & Activity Highlights

2015-2017 Term-in-Review:
Action & Activity Highlights

Click here to download the 2015-2017 CDP API Caucus Term-in-Review: Action & Activity Highlights.

Elections & Campaigns

  • Hosted/co-hosted campaign mobilizations for Democratic Party-endorsed candidates and the 2016 presidential campaign in and out of California, such as Maine, Nevada, and New Hampshire
  • Hosted/co-hosted presidential debate watch parties with other Democratic groups
  • Published statewide list of official Democratic Party-endorsed AAPI candidates for local offices
  • Encouraging AAPI candidates to seek official Democratic Party endorsements via the California Democratic Party (CDP) (federal and state elections) or County Democratic Parties (local and municipal elections)
  • Encouraging Caucus members and activists to file and run for Democratic County Central Committee elections and Democratic State Central Committee elections
  • Encouraging Caucus members and activists to file and run for delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention


  • Recognized Mr. Chris Masami Myers, CDP Executive Director, as the first AAPI to assume the CDP’s top staff role
  • Created and implemented standardized process and procedures for annual Caucus Trailblazer Awards and Rising Star Awards nominations that increases participation among Caucus members and Democratic activists
  • Holding monthly Caucus Board conference calls to maintain communication, accountability, and conduct business among Caucus officers
  • Appointing standing committee co-chairs to expand scope of work and to increase Caucus member participation

Outreach – Community & Voter Engagement

  • Hosted discussion panel presentation “Countering the Politics of Division: Fighting Islamophobia in California” with CDP Arab American Caucus at 2016 CDP Convention and CDP E-Board Meeting
  • Partnered with the LA County Democratic Party (LACDP) and the CA Faculty Association (CFA) in producing the “Countdown to 2016: A Summit for Democratic Activists and Club Members” at CSULA featuring panels and presentations with 350 activists and candidates in attendance
  • Working with America’s Opportunity Fund on campaign training in CA
  • Worked with API allied groups in So Cal on rapid response mobilization and rally for marriage equality against homophobic march
  • Working with Democratic orgs and allied groups registering new citizens to vote at naturalizations
  • Worked with the CDP Communications Team on in-language voter registration materials
  • Co-sponsored the annual “Karaoke Night at the Convention” at the 2015 and the 2016 CDP Convention with Hon. Fiona Ma, LACDP, various CDP Caucus, and other distinguished leaders
  • Hosted API Heritage Month events, including event at CDP HQ with CYD API Caucus
  • Promoting DEM2016 Program / DEM2018 Program to help sustain CDP through grassroots action
  • Promoted the White House Initiative on AAPI’s #ActToChange Bullying Prevention Campaign Live Event held in Los Angeles under President Obama
  • Promoted CDP Platform Committee’s statewide hearing process and testimony solicitation process
  • Promoted the 2016 CADNC Delegation Selection Hearing and solicited input for California’s Delegate Selection Plan
  • Promoted National Voter Registration Day and encouraging activists to help register voters
  • Promoted Covered California / Affordable Care Act enrollment


  • Actively engaging the media, including statements and press releases on significant issues affecting the AAPI community, in addition to various on-camera or in-print interviews in AAPI in-language media
  • Sending regular Caucus e-updates, mobilization alerts, and updates to keep Caucus members and DSCC delegates informed (Sign up at www.apicaucus.com)
  • Released statements or letters, such as:
    • Remembering Day of Remembrance
    • Commemorating Fred Korematsu Day
    • Denouncing racially-charged attack against Indian Americans in Kansas
    • Denouncing Roanoke Mayor David Bowers’s comments invoking the Japanese internment during World War II in his request to suspend Syrian refugee assistance
    • Denouncing racially-charged remarks by leaders of the “Grand Offensive Party” (GOP), such as Gov. Mike Huckabee’s comment and Gov. Jeb Bush’s comment
    • Denouncing Assembly Republicans for openly mocking GOP AAPI Assembly Member on the Assembly Floor
  • Call to action to Caucus members and AAPI Democratic activists on seeking justice for Ms. Sherry Chen in asking the Justice Department to investigate and determine whether race and national origin were factors in her case; this call is consistent with CDP Platform on Criminal Justice.
  • Worked with CDP Communications Team on presidential debate messaging via digital media, such as the GOPocalypse: exposing the GOP’s zombie ideas and the Voting Rights Act anniversary
  • Maintaining the first-ever California statewide online directory of AAPI Democratic clubs and organizations accessible on Caucus website (Please send updates to cademparty.apicaucus@gmail.com)
  • Working with CDP Communications Team on in-language translations for digital media outreach, voter outreach materials, and CDP Chinese-language website maintenance (which the CDP API Caucus translated, making CDP the first state political party in the nation to have such feature)
  • Created and maintaining Caucus Facebook page (www.facebook.com/apicaucus) with Caucus updates
  • Hosting Caucus website (www.apicaucus.com) with updates as an information hub for AAPI activists

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