2013-2014 Annual Report to the CDP

California Democratic Party
Asian Pacific Islander Caucus
2014 Annual Report to CDP:
Results of 2013-2014 Goals and Action Items

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Submitted June 2014
Note: Each action category may include multiple goals.

Action Category: Advocacy

Goal: Explore ways to increase issue advocacy on API issues
– Action Taken: The Caucus created Legislative Action Committee via Caucus bylaws revision and appointed Committee Co-Chairs

Goal: Identify 3-5 pieces of legislation relevant to API community for CDP Legislation Committee endorsement/support consideration
– Action Taken: Discussed general topics to focus during the Caucus term, including immigration, education, healthcare, and housing affecting the API community. However, no specific bills have been identified.

Action Category: Campaigns
Support and mobilize for Party-endorsed API campaigns/events and targeted campaigns

Goal: Help at least 5 Democratic Party endorsed candidates (federal, state, or local) via campaign field mobilization or other campaign-related activities
– Action Taken: Co-hosted mobilizations for the following campaigns: David Lim for San Mateo City Council 2013 (won), John Choi for Los Angeles City Council 2013 (lost), Melissa Ramoso for Artesia City Council 2013 (lost), Ted Lieu for Congress 2014 (advance to general), Mike Honda for Congress 2014 (advance to general)
– Action Taken: Participated in CDP online phonebank mobilizations, including Leticia Perez for State Senate 2013, Norma Torres for State Senate 2013, Freddie Rodriguez for Assembly 2013, Lorena Gonzalez for Assembly 2013, and 2014 David Alvarez for San Diego Mayor

Goal: Attempt to contact at least 5,000 HH via walk or phones total
– Action Taken: Approximately 3550 HH contacted via walk or phones from Caucus campaign mobilizations and CDP online phonebanking

Goal: Attempt to engage 50-100 Caucus members or volunteers for campaigns
– Action Taken: 71 Caucus members volunteered for Caucus campaign mobilizations or CDP online phonebanks

Goal: Explore ways to help Party-endorsed API candidates, such as posting campaign information regarding endorsed candidates on CDP API Caucus website (www.apicaucus.com)
– Action Taken: Posted information on Democratic Party-endorsed API candidates for federal, state, and local offices on Caucus website and made information available via Caucus newsletter (2013 and 2014)

Goal: Engage at least 10 potential API Democratic candidates running for public office to seek the endorsement of the relevant Democratic Party body (i.e. CDP for federal and state races and County Parties for local races where the local jurisdiction is located)
– Action Taken: Engaged John Choi for Los Angeles City Council, David Ryu for Los Angeles City Council, David Lim for San Mateo City Council, Melissa Ramoso for Artesia City Council, Ali Taj for Artesia City Council, Rahmat Khan for Torrance City Council, Mike Fong for Los Angeles Community College Board, Ray Buenaventura for San Mateo County Superior Court Judge, Teresa Magno for Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge

Action Category: Coalition Partnering
Partner with CYD API Caucus on youth leadership development and further opportunities to work jointly with California Young Democrats, California College Democrats, and other relevant organizations

Goal: Work on at least one project with CYD, CCD, CAPAC, API Legislative Caucus, or other CDP Caucuses
– Action Taken: Partnered with CYD API Caucus on Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM) events in Sacramento; partnered with CDP Filipino American Caucus on many projects and meetings, such as joint Caucus Meetings at CDP E-Board Meetings, campaign mobilizations, and Asian Pacific American Heritage Month events

Goal: Explore the possibility of creating a statewide council of County Party-chartered API Democratic clubs/organizations under the CDP API Caucus umbrella to facilitate information-sharing on best practices for API outreach
– Action Taken: Adopted Caucus bylaws revision that allows the Caucus to create a statewide API Democratic organization network to share best practices

Goal: Create an contact database of all API Democratic clubs/organizations across the state before the 2014 CDP Convention; make the contact information available on Caucus website
– Action Taken: Compiled a statewide API Democratic club/organization directory and made available online at http://www.apicaucus.com/api-democratic-clubs-orgs

Action Category: Communications & Messaging
Increase earned media visibility in mainstream media and ethnic media alike to maximize Caucus visibility through statements, releases, and/or media events

Goal: Release 10-20 press releases or statements on relevant API topics or pressing political issues
– Action Taken: Sent 7 press releases/statements to the press

Goal: Increase ethnic / API media presence – generate at least 25-50 media hits
– Action Taken: Generated media hits in API ethnic media; however, the media hits are not compiled as of this report.

Goal: Appoint a communications/media relations point-person to work with the Chair on press-related activities
– Action Taken: Appointed Communications Committee Chair

Goal: Online Media: Update and maintain Caucus website: www.apicaucus.com and use the website as an interactive information hub for Caucus members, activists, and voters alike
– Action Taken: Included regular updates on Caucus website; see Caucus website at http://www.apicaucus.com
– Action Taken: Included DEM 2014 information on Caucus website
– Action Taken: Created and maintaining a Caucus Facebook page with regular updates
– Action Taken: Maintaining a monthly e-newsletter system. Twenty-two newsletters/blast emails have been sent in 2013-2014

Goal: Assist CDP with any translation needs in Asian languages as required
– Action Taken: Translated “Democrats Register to Vote Here” voter registration signs into Asian languages; subsequently, CDP has made Chinese-language and Vietnamese-language signs available for voter registration drives

Action Category: Membership

Goal: Appoint at least 3-5 committees to facilitate and expand Caucus activities, including those standing committees prescribed by Caucus bylaws
– Action Taken: Appointed co-chairs for Communications Committee, Legislative Action Committee, and Rules Committee

Goal: Convene at least one meeting for each committee, whether in-person, via conference call, or via electronic means, to set the priorities and goals for each committee
– Action Taken: Multiple conference calls or in-person meetings have been held for committees

Action Category: Development
Increase Caucus membership and membership participation via special events and other activities

Goal: Host 3 Caucus special events (i.e., receptions) to increase membership
– Action Taken: Hosted Asian Pacific American Heritage Month events in Sacramento and Los Angeles; hosted annual Trailblazer Awards in 2013 during the CDP Convention, honoring Rep. Mike Honda, Assembly Speaker Emeritus John A. Perez, and Asm. Rob Bonta; hosted annual Trailblazer Awards in 2014 during the CDP Convention honoring Rep. Ami Bera, Attorney General Kamala Harris, State Controller John Chiang, and Former Secretary of State/Former U.S. Ambassador March Fong Eu; co-hosted karaoke night with the Los Angeles County Democratic Party and Hon. Fiona Ma at the 2014 CDP Convention; co-hosted Philippines typhoon relief event with the CDP Filipino American Caucus; co-hosted API local elected officials meet & greet with the CDP Filipino American Caucus at the 2014 CDP Convention

Action Category: Outreach

Goal: Events: Host more Caucus events involving all API ethnic specific Democratic groups and allied organizations
– Action Taken: See above
– Action Taken: Helped promote CoveredCA roll-out and sign-up via online means and at meetings and events

Goal: Co-host at least 2-5 events with local API Democratic clubs
– Action Taken: Partnered with CYD API Caucus on 2013 and 2014 Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM) events in Sacramento; co-hosted 2013 APAHM event with the Silicon Valley APA Democratic Club; co-hosted 2014 APAHM event with the Korean American Democratic Committee and the Pilipino American Los Angeles Democrats

Goal: Voter: Work with County Parties and Democratic clubs on voter registration efforts, beginning with registering new citizens to vote at naturalization ceremonies
– Action Taken: Worked with the Los Angeles County Democratic Party on new citizen voter registration drives

Goal: Help register at least 1,000 new Democratic voters in 2013-2014
– Action Taken: Worked with other groups on voter registration, but results were not quantified as of this report

Items to Improve in 2014-2015:

Action Category: Advocacy

Goal: Work with at least 2 API Democratic Clubs to advocate on behalf of CDP-endorsed or API Caucus-supported bills pertinent to the API community, such as sending 1 letter per bill to each Democratic legislator

Action Category: Campaigns

Goal: Recruitment: Recruit APIs to run for Central Committees and local offices; encourage local candidates to seek County Party endorsements

Goal: Training: Host workshops/trainings on grassroots outreach, campaign preparation, and how to run for public office/Central Committee

Action Category: Coalition Partnering

Goal: Host at least 1 conference call with all API Democratic clubs/organizations across the state

Action Category: Membership

Goal: Committees: Populate Caucus committees to increase membership participation and expand Caucus activities

Goal: Development: Increase Caucus membership via special events and other activities

Goal: Recruit at least 50 new members by CDP Convention

Action Category: Development: Expand Caucus membership diversity in demographics and geography

Two-year goal: Work with local API activists to create at least 1 new API Democratic club in regions with significant API population but without API Democratic presence, such as the Central Coast/Central Valley, the Los Angeles San Gabriel Valley area, the Los Angeles South Bay area, and the Inland Empire area.

2013-2015 California Democratic Party Asian Pacific Islander Caucus Leadership Team
Clark Lee, State Chair • Panney Wei, State Secretary • Maritessa Bravo Ares, State Treasurer
Arif Azez, Nor Cal Chair • Mike Fong, So Cal Chair • Lindsey Nitta, Nor Cal Vice Chair • Melissa Ramoso, So Cal Vice Chair
Nadia Hussain, Nor Cal Secretary • Michael Cheng, So Cal Secretary • Deepa Sharma, Nor Cal Outreach Chair • Jacqueline Wu, So Cal Outreach Chair
Appointed Chairs: Tommy Tseng, Communications Co-Chair • Brandon Li & Hon. Henry Lo, Legislative Action Co-Chairs • Olivia Lee, Rules Co-Chair

www.apicaucus.com • www.facebook.com/apicaucus • cademparty.apicaucus@gmail.com

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