Action Items

2015-2017 Goals and Action Items

Campaigns & Voter Outreach

  • Elections: Support and mobilize for Party-endorsed API campaigns/events and targeted campaigns
  • Help at least 5 Democratic Party endorsed candidates via campaign field mobilization or other campaign-related activities
  • Attempt to contact at least 1,000 HH via walk or phones total
  • Attempt to engage 50 Caucus members or volunteers for campaigns
    Elections: Explore creative ways to support Party-endorsed candidates
  • Post campaign information regarding endorsed candidates on CDP API Caucus website (
  • Recruitment: Recruit APIs to run for County Central Committees and local offices; encourage local candidates to seek County Party endorsements
  • Engage at least 10 potential non-incumbent API Democratic candidates running for public office to seek the endorsement of the relevant Democratic Party body (i.e. CDP for federal and state races and County Parties for local races where the local jurisdiction is located)
  • Training: Host or co-host at least one workshop/training on grassroots outreach, campaign preparation, and/or how to run for public office/Central Committee
  • Voter Outreach: Help register at least 500 Democrats by the 2016 CDP Convention

Coalition Partnering

  • Partner with California Young Democrats API Caucus on youth leadership development and further opportunities to work jointly with California Young Democrats, California College Democrats, and other Democratic organizations
  • Work with elected, CAPAC, API Legislative Caucus, legislative leadership, and other CDP Caucuses and allied organizations on outreach and messaging
  • Work on at least one project with CYD, CCD, CAPAC, API Legislative Caucus, or other CDP Caucuses

Communications & Messaging

  • Media: Increase earned media visibility in mainstream media and API in-language media alike to maximize Caucus visibility through statements, releases, and/or media events
  • Disseminate at least 5 press releases or statements on relevant API topics or pressing political issues
  • Appoint 1-2 communications/media relations point-person to work with the Chair on press-related activities
  • Work with Caucus officers to increase visibility
  • Online Media: Update and maintain Caucus website: and Caucus Facebook page; use both as interactive information hub for Caucus members, activists, and voters with weekly or biweekly updates
  • Translation Projects: Work with the CDP Communications Team on translating outreach materials, such as updating the CDP Chinese-language website, translating the CDP website into other Asian languages, and translating other voter outreach materials


  • Committees: Populate Caucus committees to increase membership participation and expand Caucus activities
  • Appoint at least 3-5 committees to facilitate and expand Caucus activities, including those standing committees prescribed by Caucus bylaws
  • Development: Increase Caucus membership and membership participation via special events and other activities
  • Host at least 1 Caucus special events (i.e., receptions) in each region to increase membership
  • Recruit at least 50 new members statewide by 2016 CDP Convention
  • Two-year goal: Work with local activists to charter at least 1 new API Democratic club/organization in each region

Note: Please feel free to contact us with suggestions on any other goals or action items!
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