California Democratic Party
Asian Pacific Islander Caucus

2013-2014 Statement of Purpose & Action Items
Statement of Purpose

Energizing & Engaging API Voters | Electing API Democrats
Strengthening & Mobilizing Our Communities

Activating Grassroots and Grasstops
Work and connect with API grassroots activists, elected officials, community leaders, and the Democratic Party leadership alike to maximize Caucus outreach efforts in local communities to recruit, motivate, and activate API candidates and activists – from County Central Committees to public offices

Training for Winning Campaigns
Host campaign and mobilization trainings to make sure that API activists and candidates have the tools and know-how to win campaigns; work with local activists and County Parties to encourage API candidates running for local offices to actively seek Party endorsement

Engaging and Energizing
Strive to reach and engage every potential API Democrat in all corners of the state – in suburbs, cities, and rural areas by grassroots outreach and media/social media outreach; increase Caucus media and communications presence via regular newsletters, website, and social media

Acting Together and Actualizing Goals
Work with Caucus membership, API elected officials, activists, and the Party leadership to further Democratic causes and fight for Democratic values; hold our Caucus and our Party accountable to make sure that the issues of the API community are addressed

Motivating, Mobilizing and Voting
Work with local Democratic clubs and activists to register and mobilize API Democratic voters at the ballot box; work with allied organizations to protect voting rights and promote ballot access to make sure that the voice of the diverse API community is heard

Action Items


  • Explore ways to increase issue advocacy on API issues
  • Work with state legislators in creating an active legislative agenda and help advocate for API-oriented legislation; work with CDP Legislative Committee and legislative committees of County Parties and Democratic Clubs


  • Elections: Support and mobilize for Party-endorsed API campaigns/events and targeted campaigns
  • Elections: Explore creative ways to support Party-endorsed candidates
  • Elections: Explore possibility of hosting candidate forum or mixer for selected races
  • Recruitment: Recruit APIs to run for Central Committees and local offices; encourage local candidates to seek County Party endorsements
  • Training: Host workshops/trainings on grassroots outreach, campaign preparation, and how to run for public office/Central Committee

Coalition Partnering

  • Partner with CYD API Caucus on youth leadership development and further opportunities to work jointly
  • Work with elected, CAPAC, API Legislative Caucus, legislative leadership, and other CDP Caucuses and allied organizations on outreach and messaging

Communications & Messaging

  • Messaging: Create a speakers bureau surrogate program by API ethnic community and language capacity to expand outreach efforts
  • Messaging: Create an online webinar/conference call series featuring API leaders or candidates as a featured forum and method to engage activists
  • Media: Increase earned media visibility in mainstream media and ethnic media alike to maximize Caucus visibility through statements, releases, and/or media events
  • Online Media: Update and maintain Caucus website: www.apicaucus.com and use the website as an interactive information hub for Caucus members, activists, and voters alike
  • Online Media: Create and maintain a Caucus Facebook page
  • Online Media: Update and maintain monthly e-newsletter system


  • Committees: Populate Caucus committees to increase membership participation and expand Caucus activities
  • Development: Increase Caucus membership and membership participation via special events and other activities
  • Development: Lowering membership fees for students and seniors
  • Development: Expand Caucus membership diversity in demographics and geography


  • Events: Host more Caucus events involving all API ethnic specific Democratic groups and allied organizations
  • Diversity: Expand outreach efforts to allied organizations, API groups, and Caucuses to maintain relations and work together on 2012 and beyond
  • Voter: Work with County Parties and Democratic clubs on voter registration efforts, beginning with registering new citizens to vote at naturalization ceremonies

Note: Please feel free to contact us with suggestions on any other goals or action items!
Email us at cademparty.apicaucus@gmail.com.

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